Hair loss prevention tips

Hair loss is a problem being faced by a lot of people, be it man and woman, and it can be quite depressing. The hair is probably the most important crown on your head, which can be an issue for some people. Losing few small strands of your hair is considered normal, but any more than that is regarded as a significant hair loss. There are so many factors that can cause hair loss, starting from chemicals, aging, and many more. Here, we have listed several simple tips on how to prevent hair loss.

Chemicals is your enemy

The harsh chemicals can be very harmful to your scalp; this compound is found when you’re dyeing your hair, chemical straightening, bleaching and many more. Always try to get some products that are safe and more friendly to the skin, which can cause more but can prevent hair loss better compared to the cheap harsh chemicals. Using a deep-conditioning treatment every once a week is helpful if you regularly use chemical processing.

Tip: swap your regular shampoo with products that prevent hair loss, as they are usually more gentle and use fewer harsh chemicals for the scalp.

Seek professional helpnurse

If you’ve tried everything and you’re not getting any results or even making it worse, you might want to go to a doctor for a check-up and also a hair transplant. Your doctor can take blood from your scalp and find out whether there’s something wrong with your body, or perhaps the product that you use. They can also provide you prescription hair care products, and also vitamins (such as zinc, Vitamin B5, and fish oil) which can be great for your hair.

hair productsUsing essential oils

One of the causes of hair loss is a dry scalp and lack of oil in your scalp, so using an essential oil might be able to solve your problem. Not just any oils though, consider using oils that have carrot seeds, lavender, rosemary or cypress. Massage the few drops of oil for five minutes on your scalp after your daily shower, which can promote hair growth and improve the condition of your scalp.

Tip: although a bit expensive, try to find hair oils that are specially designed for your hair, which is safer for your scalp and can prevent hair loss.