Advantages of using mason pearson brush

Mason Pearson brushes have been in use since 1885 and have remained a very popular brand over the years. Their bristles are made of boar and nylon, and they are usually designed to distribute sebum evenly which in turn make your hair strong and shiny. The mason pearson brush is normally expensive but is worth the cost. The following are advantages associated with using this type of brush and here are some of these advantages.

Good for curly hair

They are great for getting out tangles even in curly hair which may not be possible with other types of hairbrushes. It gets out the tangles gradually without hurting your scalp. The boar bristles are as hard as real hair, so you do not need to break or cut your hair to use this brush. The nylon bristles are softer than hard plastic bristles contained in most brushes on the market making it ideal.curly hair

They are soft

The boar and nylon bristles make the soft but strong enough for brushing out the tangles and keep the hair smooth and soft. These brushes are handmade and designed with the finest hair care in mind.

Comfortable and effective

This brush contains both two of bristles, the nylon bristles touch your scalp while boar bristles help in entangling your hair. Because nylon bristles are soft, they will not rub scratch your scalp in a manner that is uncomfortable. These bristles are slender and mounted on a rubber matting which is connected to the body of the brush. The rubber matting ensures the brush is gentler and softer on your scalp.

Long lasting

longlastingWhen you purchase a Mason Pearson brush, you are investing in a product which will last a long time without breaking and care for the hair without breaking off. You can reduce split ends using this durable hair brush. The combination of these two bristles is also not as damaging as brushes made from other material like plastic that does not extract unwanted hair from your scalp when in use.

If you are looking for a hairbrush that is gentle even on the most entangled hairstyles, provides comfort and will last you over time then Mason Pearson hair brush is the brush. You need to purchase one to make a step towards achieving healthy and shiny hair.